Where does your property tax payment really go? Take a look at a typical property tax bill:

So, everything is nicely detailed and specific . . .except the rather large 1%
percent countywide tax of almost $9,000 (for this parcel). This is not at all specific.
Have you ever wondered where that money goes? Well, here is a procedure to find out the
specifics of how your 1% countywide tax is allocated to various agencies.

First you will need to know the Tax Rate Area (TRA) for your property. This is on your
property tax bill and is circled in red in the example above. For this tax bill the
TRA is 66009. Your TRA will probably be different. Take note of your TRA on your tax
bill and enter it at the bottom of the next screen. Then click on "Submit." You will
get a list of various agencies and organizations along with the percent allocated to them.

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